I got a Bosch Series-8 fridge in late 2017. I checked the manual, and it mentions a wifi-dongle. Emailed Bosch support, they asked which country I was in, told them I’m in Spain… and never heard from them again. Typical corporate support.

Years later, I was chatting with a friend…

I’ve got a great Sonoff TX-US (2-gang) wall-light switch. It looks good, and it’s sorta smart. But can I make it smarter?

Step 1 — install Tasmota. Step 2 — use MQTT. Right?

Well, it works, but only until your home automation hub/server fails, and takes your MQTT server with…

LG OLED — two years on

I bought my LG OLED 65" model B7 in December 2017. Amazing colors, HDR makes going to the movies a thing of the past (if only there were zero-day movie-streaming services!). It’s got apps — Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and more! Nice.

I had to…

I’m a huge fan of casual hi-tech clothing. You can call me a synthetics maximalist. If I can avoid ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’ fibers, I’ll go for it — no cotton, no viscose, no wool — if possible. Starting with underwear, all the way to the very outermost layer.

For years…

First impression: Wow, it rocks! Better range, better speed, better everything. Easy setup, rather flexible. But then real life kicks in.

No way to set different SSID for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks?! Okay, I can understand the reasoning — but not even for power users?! Phew.

Region-locking?! Come on…

Eugene Bogorad

Ideas make me tick.

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