Free TON: Your messages, your coins, your internet

What is Free TON?

Free TON is a decentralized network dedicated to building a truly open internet — a better version of the internet, where:

  • No one can keep you out — no censorship.
  • No one can impersonate you — your identity belongs to you, but you can be anonymous if you like.
  • No one can take your money from you or stop you from getting paid or paying someone.

The Free TON network is based on The Open Network (TON), an open-source blockchain protocol initially developed by the Telegram co-founder, Nikolai Durov. Free TON is here to help developers deliver better apps to users — whether these users want to share simple words, actions (e.g., ‘likes’ or votes), rich data, or money.


Imagine a new super-service that lets you own your data, and control who uses it and how! Also, imagine that you get real benefits from allowing others to use your data — but only if you so desire. Free TON is just that — a system that gives you back your data.


How does it work? By sending messages. We think of ‘messages’ in terms of ‘texts’ and Whatsapp — but anything sent over the internet is a message. Millions of millions of them, every second, without a central server to manage them all. Free TON secures those messages so that no one can eavesdrop on, fake, or intercept them. They are private, and only yours.

There is no central server, no ‘mainframe’ that holds all your data. Thousands of computers work to make it a reality, each having a tiny slice of your encrypted data, that only the intended recipient can read.

But who’s paying?

You are. But since this system is so much more efficient than the old one, you will, in fact, pay less than you do today. It costs next to nothing to send a message. A tiny fraction of a cent now, even less in the future. And you can save money by voluntarily providing your data to corporations for their research and operation — but now it’s an honest and transparent transaction.

Who owns/runs it?

There is no single company behind Free TON. The community runs the network, and the community decides what direction future development will take. Currently, there are over 20 organizations involved. We are expecting this number to reach the hundreds very soon, producing a decentralized system that can fulfill the promise of truly free internet.

Anyone can write the software (apps). There is no committee and no certification process. It’s 100% free and open-source.

How can I use it?

Right now, there are hundreds of projects getting ready to serve your needs over Free TON: games, money transfer apps, messengers, storage solutions — and much more.

Come and join us!

You can find all the information on Free TON and join the community here.



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